the brunetti organization
In the finest tradition of "The American Dream," at age 27, Joseph J. Brunetti borrowed $200 and began his march to creating an empire. Never afraid of hard labor, the married father of two children had worked at every position in construction and, starting in 1939 moved to make his mark in the home building industry.

It was a modest beginning, but after the construction of his first four single-family homes, he began building homes at an ever increasing pace between 1939 and 1945. From the original four New Jersey homes to 300 homes in Akron, Ohio, each project was more profitable than the last.

When the flood of GIs returned home after World War II, the government initiated major housing programs. Brunetti was right there to take on the challenge of building moderately priced rental housing. Brunetti developed over 6,000 residential units and because of his planning, execution and strict controls, at the end of this development period in 1953, he owned and managed approximately 5,000 of these apartments.

He turned his attention to acquiring large tracts of land in New Jersey and Florida, knowing the next postwar cycle of development would come. There are 10,000 acres in central and southern New Jersey still owned by the Brunetti Organization, free and clear of any financial encumbrances. In Florida, he acquired 7,500 acres in the southeast quadrant of the City of Orlando approximately three miles east of the Orlando International Airport.

Joseph J. Brunetti died in 1968 and leadership of the company passed to his son, John who turned attention to the further expansion of his father's "American Dream." He acquired the legendary Hialeah Park Thoroughbred racing facility, located just west of the City of Miami, regarded as one of the premier thoroughbred facilities in the United States.

Racing was inaugurated at Hialeah Park in 1925 and the structures and the legends surrounding the Park, its flamingo colony, its architecture, its personalities and champions who raced there have become iconic. The Brunetti family has been vigilant to the possibilities and excitement is rushing through the racing world as plans to expand operations begin to be revealed. The Brunetti family plans to bring thoroughbred racing back to Hialeah and expand operations into full scale gaming, as provided by the laws of the State of Florida. The rehabilitation of the Clubhouse, accommodating 10,000 patrons, will include the conversion of the Grandstand into a major entertainment center and an historic horse racing museum. Included in the plans is a new, 120,000 square foot state-of-the-art gaming casino. A second location for future gaming and luxury hotel will be developed around the world-famous paddock area of Hialeah Park.

This is planned in conjunction with a town center retail/development program. The final state will be the expansion of the Metrorail System connection Hialeah Park with the major populated areas of Miami-Dade Counties. Programs will also be developed to attract business from the Miami luxury cruise lines and the Miami International Airport.

Completion of the development of Hialeah Park is projected at between five to seven years.
John J. Brunetti, Jr.
Focusing on strategic planning, structuring, personnel and resource allocation, John J. Brunetti, Jr. has been a major force in the future development and global expansion of the Brunetti Properties for the last 25 years.

After his post-university apprenticeship with his father at the Brunetti Organization, his activities expanded into the field of government affairs and corporate planning for future development of the Brunetti Properties. Operating in both Florida and New Jersey, negotiated a 450 acre mixed-use development in Old Bridge, New Jersey, and laid the ground work for the revitalization of the real estate market in central New Jersey.

Turning his attention to the development of three major land sites in Orlando, Florida, he proceeded with the approval process of the tract of 540 acres for mixed-use development and brought forth preliminary approvals for two additional sites in Orlando, one of 1,200 acres and the other of approximately 2,300 acres.

Now at Hialeah Park as president of the new racing and gaming program, plans calls for a two-year period of quarter horse racing, which will lead to permitted gaming activities at Hialeah Park.